Our Mission

Our Mission- Transformational development of the people through participatory practices by developing their skill to have a new shape of the project areas on all fronts.

Vision- To uplift and capacitate the under privileged/ unprivileged by empowering them of their rights and duties for better livelihood opportunities.

V I S I O N   S T A T E M E N T :-
Our vision is to uphold down to up approach and put sincere efforts for empowering the poor and downtrodden community. We want to build an environment based on mutual cooperation and proper representation, where poor and disadvantaged mostly women can get their due and rights in every sphere of life.

  •  Empowering community to attain the entitlements of socio-economic, cultural, and political spheres with enjoying civil rights.
  •   To conduct and sound and feasible welfare and development programmes at remote, far-flung humanity, to join the mission to ensure INDIA as developed nation.
  •  To Co-operate and join hands with the funding agencies for the high impact of following welfare and development programmes of Government and general lawful activities.

Our Mission statement is “Transformational development of the people through participatory practices on sustained basis” we focus on skill development & women and child. At present, our organisation is undertaking various activities under following components- Women     and      child      development programme, Sustainable rural development programme, Campaign on child labour, Street children, Environment, Panchayati Raj, Women and child rights, Campaign again women foeticides, etc.

We are raising fund through local contribution and member’s support to give pace of development. In this connection several national and international donors are providing support. We need much financial support for other operations. We are communicating with various donors too.

Our Officials, members, and grass root level volunteers are working very hard to give a new shape of the project area on all fronts-socio-economic and other social parameters.

Our grass root workers and animators are reaching on the door stapes of under privileged and unnerved people for working with the Society. Thousand of people are supporting our views, vision, and mission. We take a pledge to serve the common mass.


  • To bring about social changes through empowering the women community.
  • To uplift the economic status of women and unprivileged.
  • To capacitate the unprivileged section for better livelihood opportunities.
  • To aware and empower women for their rights and duties.
  • To facilitate the girl children for proper growth and education.
  • To mobilize community to take part in local self-government.